Frank & Earnest were founded in 2017, coming from a background of over 30 years dedicated industry experience within hospitality. We became aware that there were many people offering hospitaility equipment, and many brands to choose, but telling the difference between a good deal and a bad deal is a challenge. With our honest forthright advice we offer great brands, great pricing and great service. We operate under our honesty gaurantee meaning we will not make false claims, or sell second rate equipment, or items that have been "factory repaired". And everytime we make a sale, the person giving us the lead shares in 10% of the profits, which could mean a further discount to your business!

Our Philosophy

Hospitality equipment is a huge investment, and many companies are willing to offer cheap prices on some items, only to make up margins by upselling particular brands or added features, that often you dont need. We offer the same choice, but basically cut the crap to give you the very best value for money. Our prices include freight to your door, direct from the manufacturer or importer to give you the best pricing available. If a particular brand or product is not available when you need it, then we will give you our un-biased feedback on alternatives. We also understand that your equipment will breakdown at the most inconvenient time, so when we source equipment for you, we make sure it is in stock, and available for delivery before making you promises.

We offer finance options through SilverChef and are happy to deal with you prefered finance company, all we ask is that to keep prices low, that the goods are paid for in full before delivery. If you would like to have someone install your equipment, then we can arrange that too (costs are additional and depend on area and type of equipment being installed, as well as availability of space, power and connections).


The core or heartbeat of our business is our people. Every team member has worked in the industry and knows what works and who to speak to to get the best deals!


We are proudly owned and operated as a subsidiary of Prophesy Pty Ltd in Australia and associated to the following organisations.



Darren Cooper

Managing Director

Wth over 35 years dedicated industry experience in hospitality and equipment sales, Darren also owns and operates The Catering Consultants, DCCC with arms including professional development, mentoring and coaching for personal and life development using John C Maxwells tried and tested resources.