Frank & Earnest by Nature

Hospitality equipment is a huge investment, and prices can vary depending on who you talk to. At Frank & Earnest we offer the best price, including delivery to your door that will save you thousands off list price.
Our honest, clear approach means we won't try to sell you a piece of equipment you dont need, or try to upsell you un-necessary, costly features. Just good old fashioned pricing and service from people who have worked in the industry for over 30 years.


Founded in 2017, but birthed many years ago in the hearts of industry guru's wanting to make a difference...

So whats different? Rather than us spending thousands of dollars on marketing and flashy showrooms, we thought it would be better to offer great value on the same brands you can get elsewhere, and then as a thankyou give 10% of the profits back to the person who gave us the lead. Now some people may choose to support and donate to a local charity, and we are happy to do this on your behalf.

So thats what we do, make a difference by being just a little bit...well...different!


Thats easy, the best...brands, pricing and service, everyday!